Light stretches on to 0,0,0 location.

Hi I’m learning how to make a 2D game. Recently I wanted to make sprites be affected by light and working with ortographic camera, so I changed sprite material to MaskedLitSpriteMaterial with that I could see light affected by sprites in editor(only perspective view mode) and then I changed Project Settings > Engine > Rendering > Forward Shading to true so that light can be seen in game (in editor I still can see it only in perspective). But I found problem with that. The light is stretching to the center of map and I dont know why.
In editor everything is normal it just happens while playing. I cant change attention radius to be so low that light cant go any further cuz ~1200 it just stops working. I dont know if that can be fixed or is it because unreal engine isn’s realy designed for 2D games and they aren’t working on it.