Light shines through walls when fast movement

Hi there,

i have a small Problem.

I made my Scene Environment. For now only prototypes. For my Problem i explain it with my walls. The walls are made as one sided polygon planes. I can made my rooms and all walls fit perfect together. But if i look to the left or right, the light shines through the wall seams. This ligth Looks like small blocks. If i don’t move, the light go away. This happens with all my models (Floors or walls). With BSP this don’t happen.

What can i do to avoid this light bleeching? In my first Project i had this Problem too. But for my first Project i made the walls and Floors out of polygon blocks, all have closed sides.

I don’t know what is causing this Problem. I hope anyone can help me out.

This is whats causing your issue. Your walls should have some sufficient thickness, otherwise they will have light bleeding through.

Oh thanks. I never noticed this effect. But my new Project is very dark. Much shadows. Some thickness should not be a Problem. I will try that. Thank you.

So i tried to use meshes that are closed. But the Problem still appears. It seems, that the light bleeding (or blobs) are caused due the normal maps.
As soon as i am home i post some Screens.

I have to wall Segments. Both have the same texture and the same uv. It Looks like the bleeding only occurs on the edge of the wall next to the other.
I looked into the shooter demo and there i don’t have this Problem. And the models in the shooter demo are most on sided Polygons.

My textures are made with substance designer and quixel suit. So the normal map shouldnt be the Problem.