Light Shafts?

What ever happened to light shafts being available from Point and Spot lights? Currently they can only be cast from Directional lights.

We had this functionality in UE3 but UE4 dropped it for some reason and it never made it back in - I remember talking to someone from Epic a while ago about this and they said they should have been implemented already but i never heard anything else about it.

Anyone have any insight on this?

Thanks in advance!

This uses spot light to cast its light shafts. Not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for though.

I think there’s a volumetric solution in the asset store, but otherwise I’d wait for them to add their own volumetric solution to UE4 which I’m sure will happen at some point since it’s becoming a standard feature of games these days.

That BluePrint volumetric pack relies on meshes and also only works with direction lights.

If you add a directional light and enable light shafts you can see what i mean, in UE3 it worked on point and spot lights as well but in UE4 it only works on directional lights.

Yeah, I know about the post process effect, but it’s not a great effect in the first place and we need one of the physically based solutions.