Light shafts and bloom not working with custom mesh

I’m trying to create a custom sky dome with my own material and low-poly sphere mesh. I found that ico-sphere in blender could be more useful for me because of it’s low polygon number. My ico-sphere just uses 160 triangle as opposed to engine’s SM_SkySphere’s 3968 triangles.

Everything works fine except light shafts and light bloom.

Here’s the one with my ico-sphere;


And here’s the one with engine’s SM_SkySphere;


I’ve also uploaded model files to

I’ve checked every attribute that SM_SkySphere has in blender and tried to do everything same in my model. Still, no luck.

The materials are named different; is the icosphere version still using an opaque material (I know depth is used somewhat for thresholding lightshafts)?

My guess would be its just a scale issue. The light shaft stuff uses opaque depth to occlude parts of it. Check that the mesh it the same size, or just scale it way up using drawscale.

The default sky mesh is definitely way too tessellated. You can even use a cube as long as you use local or worldposition as the input. Localposition works well since you can easily rotate the mesh to rotate the cubemap.

It’s exactly the same material. UE4 gives a different name everytime when I run because I’m creating material instances in construction script.

Thanks that worked! That was exactly about the size of the mesh!