Light Shaft Occlusion with hidden source mesh ... possible?

I’m trying to create a visual effect which I think could be achieved using an animated mesh in front of a directional light source with the Light Shaft Occlusion and Light Shaft Bloom enabled.
My plan is to use a blueprint to keep the light source direction vector always pointing towards the camera and position a mesh between it and the camera to generate the light shafts pointing toward the camera.
I would then animate the mesh which would create the light shaft pattern I’m after.

The catch is… I don’t want the mesh to be visible.

If I check ‘Actor Hidden In Game’ under the meshes Rendering tab it does hide it but no longer generates the light shaft/bloom effect.

Does anyone know if this is possible or can think of a workaround in code / blueprinting ?


Light shafts are a post process effect, so it can only happen for things that are rendered.

OK that’s good to know.

With custom depth and post process material it should be doable. There is article how to make light shafts as post process.

Thanks Kalle_H
Yeah I clocked that link yesterday after learning it was post process (I was surprised at that) and doing a quick search.
I’ve managed to create a post effect in OpenFrameworks with GLSL shaders to re-create this (following the GPU Gems paper) and plan to convert it to a Post Process Material once I’ve fully got my head round what I need out of it (using OF as a quick sketchpad really)
I’ll post up the results and blueprint network here once I’m done so others can re-use if they wish.