Light Shaft dont looks good

Hi there,

i want to make a “God ray” so i made a cone mesh in max with a uv and imported this into a new ue4 scene with the starter content. i also made a material you will see on the picture below. i saw some rays made this kind of way with really great results and fading etc. but mine looks too hard and not really good. maybe you can help me.



what iam doing wrong?

no one a solution?

The first problem you have is that you have made an incredibly emissive material. Light shafts don’t glow, they just simulate the light scattering inside a volume of dust or other fine particles. First step would be to eliminate the glow entirely and just plug something like ‘0.5’ into the emissive channel for now.

There are some volumetric material examples in both Content Examples and the Blueprints Example I believe.