Light shaft bloom not working

hi, im not sure where i did wrong. anyone know any reason that might lead to this? thanks in advance :grinning:

The sun basically needs to be in the view in order to see the effect of lightshaft bloom/occlusion.

In order to get lightshafts that arenโ€™t dependent on viewing angle you have to use something like volumetric fog or billboards.

hi, thanks for the reply, there is a exponential fog with volumetric fog option ticked on. i make the fog thicker in this one, but the light shaft bloom still looks the same.

These settings have zero impact on volumetric fog, itโ€™s a different feature. To affect volumetric fog you need to adjust the volumetric scattering of the light.

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thanks alot, that did the trick :grinning: cheers~
edit: saw a tutorial where changing the light bloom shaft can do the same trick, so was scratching my head where i did wrong for hours haha