Light Settings wrong

Hello there,
I am working on this project:

and as you can see I have some vibrance in some parts of the model.
I don’t know where I am wrong in the settings, I am going to add in this thread my settings , maybe someone can say me what I have to change.
I added 2 postprocess volume.
Help me please,thanks in advance.




What are you trying to achieve? You want it brighter?

I usually turn off auto exposure and try to tune the lights in before adding that extra layer of post processing.
Make sure your post process encompasses the areas your player can walk through.

No, i don’t want it brighter, I would like to take out the black in the edges and corners and if you see the video on youtube you will see that even if I don’t move, the color of the door or of the blue fishes change continually.
I am sure that I have only change some setting in post process volume but I tried many times to change everything without success.