Light Reflection Help

I started learning UE4 a couple of days and I’ve come across an issue I don’t know how to workaround.
In the picture below you can see the red line running down in all 3 screenshots.

In the first picture (the ref) you can see the long reflection. The second picture is my screenshot from UE4 with the point light with the attenuation radius set to give me the same long light reflection. Now the issue I’m coming across is since I’m using a stationary light and it has a limit of 4 overlapping lights, I need to reduce the attenuation radius so the lights don’t overlap but when I do that I’m not getting the long reflection I need. As you can in the reference there’s a lot more lights close eachother so that would mean I would have to lower the attenuation radius even more once I place the correct number of lights.

Since it’s been only been 2-3 days since I’ve been exploring UE4 maybe I’m missing a very basic thing about lighting but if someone could help me out I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Change the lights to static lights, then you won’t have the 3 light limit. Stationary lights, which have that overlap limit, allow you to change the color or intensity after the lighting is baked.

You would also be able to get the reflections from the actual mesh that represents the light source rather than the light object.

@ZacD: from what I read online I thought that static lights don’t have spec highlights so I won’t be able to get that light reflecting the way I want.
@darthviper: That makes sense. I’ll give that a try.

Thanks for the reply guys, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Static lights have spec highlights.

I’m kinda getting the look I wanted with this setup, stationary lights with shadows disabled but the issue I’m running in to is that since theres no shadow im getting the spec highlight where it shouldn’t be. With the lights not casting shadows I doubt I can avoid this issue.

Is it possible to make a plane visible in reflection but disable it’s visibility? Maybe something like that could work?
@ZacD I might be doing something wrong but when I set the light to Static this is how it looks for me.

Cool Scene. :slight_smile:
Perhaps → Can I create a dynamic lighting with emissive material? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Could you try setup accurate box reflection captures with static lights. This should give you nice looking reflections.

First issue is no shadows in the scene to block the light
And no, you can’t hide the mesh and still have it reflect–the reflection there is Screen Space Reflections which only reflect things that are currently visible.
Last issue–it looks like it’s lacking reflections entirely, where it should still be reflecting objects on the floor with SSR.

Luftbauch@ thanks I’ll read through the link tonight :slight_smile:

Could you please explain to me in more detail what you mean. Currently I have one Reflection capture sphere placed in the scene.

darthviper107@ Now that you point that out I clearly do see the lack of reflection. I’ll try making the shader a tad bit more reflective.

Could you please explain to me in more detail what you mean. Currently I have one Reflection capture sphere placed in the scene.


You corridors are pretty much box shaped. There are two kinds of reflection captures in ue4. Spheres and boxes. To get good quality reflections capture shape should match your indoors shape. If you have rectangular room then you get almost perfect static reflections.

YES that’s doing the trick! I did a quick test with a box reflection capture with static lights and it’s giving me the result I want.
I didn’t even consider trying the box reflection capture because I tried the sphere and that gave me completely different results so I assumed the box wouldn’t work either.
Thanks a lot for the help really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just a quick side question for anyone willing to answer. Below you can see a comparison between the box and sphere reflection capture. How come the sphere reflection capture gives such a blurry reflection in comparison?
I have multiple smaller sphere reflection captures in the scene so its not just one big one.

Sphere capture shape is just compleatly wrong shape for that kind of corridor.