Light receding when moving camera. Gif inside.

I suspect it has something to do with the size of the environment as it’s extremely large in this example. Nevertheless I have no idea what the issue might be.

This is what I mean:

What you are seeing is the reflection. Screen space reflections only work for things that are inside the camera frustum and being rendered. You’ll want to put some reflection captures in your scene to fall back on when screen space reflections break down. This should help alleviate some, but not all of what you are seeing.

I’ve only managed to get these odd lighting patterns as a result of using the reflection captures:

So the object which emits light onto the reflective surface (on which the light recedes) has to be within this frustrum for the reflection to be rendered? No matter how far away I am as long as I keep the sphere you see centred the reflections stay on the side, so it seems to be just the edges of the frustrum which are cutting it off (if I understand you correctly).

Do you think there might be a way of expanding this frustrum so that it encompasses all the visible area?

Oh, and thank you for the reply.