Light Propagation Volume - Test and question

Hi all,

With radiance is kind of easy to know what’s going on on the scene. you just follow bounces.

With LPV…I just don’t understand how the bounce is calculated. Does anyone know a link with an explanation?
On the image below I got to a nice result on 1 wall and ceiling, but for some reason the light on the floor doesn’t reach one of the walls completely. I say “completely” because there IS some light there, just not as much as on the other wall and ceiling. I even get some red hue on the ceiling, which is great (from the red box).
Any ideas on what’s going on?


LPVtest actors.jpg

LPV just cant capture that much detail. If you enable Show > Visualize > Light Propagation Volume you can see the representation of the volume at the scale you set in your post process volume.

Is this something that will get better with time? Or LPV has that limitation regardless the hardware?

As far as I understand, LPV is a 3d matrix that takes samples. correct? Is there a way to manually add the lattice amount to get better detail?

The “size” parameter seems to increase the size of the matrix but not the amount of detail, no?