Light Problem on a mesh UE4

Ok guys. I imported a roof in unreal… When i build it has some light problems… It doesn’t show me any errors… The shadow is just visually wrong. I noticed that it only has that problem when the Lights ( Light source + SkyLight ) are Stationary (Mobility). When i changed the Light mobility to movable… Everything seems fine… So the combinations i tried are Static/Static(Mesh), Movable/Static, Movable/Movable, Static/Movable… The thing is that i can’t understand where the problem with the stationary lights is… I mean is it in the mesh? In the Uv Map? In UE4? I’ll provide some photos so you might understand what the problem is… (Uv photos ( there are x3 different materials so they don’t overlap in the 1x1 uv map) , Mesh with stationary light photo ( my problem) , And mesh with movable lights