Light problem in dark scene

i made a small room with a light in the center, all works ok, today i lower the intensity of the light and “Enviroment intensity” to 0 in Worlds Settings, looking for a more darked room.

When i walk arround the light intensity of the illumination change. anyone known why?
if i walk a the intensity going low, if i stop the light still getting darked, the same when increase the light.

i think i not doing something strange but if its strange effect i can make a video showing that.


My Guess is that you just experienced the HDR effects in Unreal Engine 4

turns in to:
when you look straight into the light.

To see if this is the case, in your viewport go to “Show>Visualize>HDR”
Now you see a light meter with a blue and white line that move around when you walk around a lamp, this is the exposure, just like with a photo camera.

To tweak this make a postprocessvolume to control what the HDR is doing, in the settings you can find “Auto Exposure”, here you can customize its behavior.

I will check this night perhaps its that but anyway seems work very bad that option, or incorrect. i have a postprocess with all “Auto exposure” options unchecked (by default)
i made a video

Just disable the auto exposure -> min to the max value and change the brightness with the max :slight_smile:

hello. i disable last night using the same value in min-max and works.

but now i have the curiosity if its normal that behaviour with that exposure options, seems works very poorly. i not need that now anyway.

thanks for help.

it works ok. u might want to reduce emit strenght of your material to match emissive power of point lights

You can also adjust the value of the min and max brightness to see at what point your scene is best exposed.

Try first lowering the min and raising the max to a high number, in the viewport turn on Show>Visualize>HDR
This will show a exposure meter, then just move your view until it shows you a desirable exposure, and read the number on the top right of the diagram.
Use this number as the min/max brightness of your exposure settings.

Okay super late to the party I am…but Ultra thanks MissStabby for this one…made my level much better…