Light or particles along beam?

Is it possible to make a beam emit a light and/or a particle? I can of course add more emitters manually but it’s neither efficient nor feasible in some cases (like when you don’t know the length of the beam, it isn’t straight, etc). A beam emitting particles (and light) along it’s length would be really useful for some effects. Didn’t seem to find any such options in Cascade.

Doesn’t the beam emitter support the light module? Doesn’t the light work from source to target? Those are the question you should reply first, Do the above work? If yes then there is your solution, They do not work then we have to look into that matter again, So give us your input does it work for you or not?

Checked again and there is no light module for beams. Not very experienced with Cascade so maybe I just missed it, but I checked a few times now (unless it’s in some submenu I missed).
As for light going from source to target, I didn’t find any such feature, but as above, I might just not have found it.

Also a clarification for the thread title which I worded badly: I mean that the beam itself would emit a light or particle, not that a point light or particle would travel up and down the beam.

For the actual beam to emit emissive light thats one thing, For it to light an area is another. Particle system can only emit light by the “light” module, But can emit light if color values are >1.

Unfortunately beam typedata do not accept the light module thats why you cannot see it. For now you can try setting up the material in the mat editor or color in the Particle editor with values >1 and it should start emitting light / blooming.