Light on movable Objects


I created a Blueprint for my two Door leafs and now they are movable Objects. That may be the Reason, why they are much brighter then the other Objects. (Screenshot 1)
I would accept this, but any Tip how to handle this Situation better would be nice.
In some Places one of the Doors gets darker then the other and this is really disappointing. (Screenshot 2)
I think I am doing something basically wrong, but I have no Idea what that could be.

How can I create moor beautiful Designs with movable Objects?

Best regards

You can try changing the ILC for the movable object from point to volume, or try to increase the the indirect lighting cache volume density, or both. Might also help to enable the visualizer for it.

Hello ZacD,
I switched the ILC to “Volume” and get rid of the differences between right and left leaf.
Then I adjusted the brightness of the Doors material and now I am satisfied with the result.
Thanks a lot!

For future reference, doors are an issue with indirect lighting, the method that allows for the lighting to look good doesn’t work well for doors because lighting on either side is different and it blends the two together and doesn’t match. I think there could be manual adjustments made that could allow for door solutions but I haven’t seen any game engines implement a feature like that. It would basically require indicating which side of the door is witch so that you can control the lighting more specifically.