Light object up with pawn sensing

Hi everyone,

I am having a bit of trouble setting up a blueprint and I was just needing a bit of help. I would like to make a light come on when looking at it which I have done ("Look at object" event in Blueprint - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums). However, the Line Trace B ychannel is too narrow and I would like to use pawn sense (cone view) to get the light to light up when it comes into the view of the players cone. What would this blueprint look like? Thank you.

AFAIK, pawn sensing can only be used to sense actual Pawn Class objects, whereas your lightbulb and its trigger volume is (I’m guessing) an Actor class object.

What you could do is setup a custom view cone instead. Add a cone component and scale it to your sight radius. Set its collision to OverlapAllDynamic and visibility off. Then run your logic on its overlap events.

Something like…

Thanks mate :), it worked!