Light not shining through glass

I’m working with the default glass material, and when applied lights will only shine through the glass when the particular element is selected.
This is the same for all types of lights. What can I do to always see them when in preview mode?


Does this also happen when you set the light mode to “moveable”? + what exactly happens when you try to let it shine through the glass (does it cast a shadow?) -> I just tested it with 4.9 and in my case it works (probably you could post a pic :))

I’m having the same issue…

Hey i was having the same issue! it was driving me crazy! I found that by clicking in the class window material and then turning off cast shadows it allowed the light to come through! But i had to do it on the inside of the window and the outside to get it to work! Took me almost a month to figure it out and i was about to give up on Unreal! Hope this helps!

Correction, clicking on the glass window not the material, and turning off cast shadows. Inside and outside

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If you need a window frame to cast the shadow, you can set one model to cast shadow, then bring in a second model without the glass bits, and put a full transparent material on it, making sure that is casting shadows…and put it in the same place. That way you have the window will full textures including glass textures, and then the shadow from the window frame.

Perhaps their is an easier way around it, but that’s what I did.