Light Module issue in Cascade, help would be very much appreciated

Hey everyone,

This is my first forum post here so forgive me if I posted in the wrong place for help. I have an issue in cascade where I have a sub UV movie of an explosion playing, (rendered out in fumeFX) but when I add a light module it makes a black hole in the middle of the particles. Here’s a link to what’s happening - - YouTube

Not sure how to go about fixing this, only happens at certain angles when I rotate around it. If someone who knows how to fix this wouldn’t mind helping me out I’d be very grateful.


is your explosion material thats being used by your particle system lit or unlit?

The video you posted isn’t working for me. What I can guess is happening is that you may have negative color values in your emitter. I’d recommend creating a second emitter that is just a light, where you can have explicit control of your light’s properties.