Light min roughness in 4.20

For some reason the min roughness setting in the light properties seem to be gone in 4.20. I usually set it to 1 to remove the light source’s glow on the walls. Has this setting been renamed?

There is “SpecularScale” now. It’s not quite the same but you can use it to scale the spec highlights like that.

If you’ve already upgraded and want to see what lights were using min roughness, you can copy+paste them all into notepad and search for roughness.

If you’ve got a lot of them in various levels and are familiar with Blutilities (editor blueprint scripts), you could probably make a Blutility in 4.19 to add the MinRoughness to the light’s actor tag, and then another Blutility in 4.20 to copy it from the tag, invert it, and apply it as SpecularScale.

duh It’s annoying when they change small stuff like that, but I guess there was a good reason for them to do so anyway. Thanks for the help!

Also - someone from Epic posted the missing release notes and official advice: