Light Mass Resolution

Hi there, I am hoping someone can kindly point me in the right direction!
I am a little confused as to where the best place to increase Light Mass Resolution is? If I double click on an object and bring up static mesh options, I can edit light mass settings here, but also in lighting under details tab. Both seem to be independent of each other. Are they doing two different things?

It’s best to adjust the lightmap resolution in the static mesh itself (by opening it from the Content Browser) Just make sure you’re adjusting the actual resolution setting rather than the Lightmap UV Generation settings—what that is is that UE4 can try to generate lightmap UV’s, it can do this automatically when you import a mesh but you can also adjust the lightmap UV generation settings in the static mesh window itself to change the settings, very often people will try to adjust the lightmap resolution by changing the Min. Lightmap Resolution which is only for the lightmap UV generation and not for the actual lightmap.

You can also override the setting in the static mesh by selecting the object in the scene and changing the Lightmap Resolution Override setting, but again I recommend changing the setting in the static mesh itself.

Thanks for taking time to reply. Much appreciated!