Light Mapping, Am I Missing Something Obvious Here?

I’ve been trying to figure out light mapping for a while now. Recently I’ve been cheating by making the object “movable” but that isn’t really the best solution. I want to learn

I’ve been trying all sorts of solutions, I’ve tried giving the object different smoothing groups, I’ve tried flatten mapping, I’ve tried organizing the UVs myself, I’ve tried bumping up the light map resolution and I’m still getting these nasty light bleeds. Does anyone have any words of wisdom that could end this agony? Thank you! (I use 3DS Max, Zbrush and Substance Painter/Designer)

edit: just a quick note there is no overlapping polys or verts

What resolution is the lightmap? It almost looks like it’s 248x248. Try a power of 2 (256 in this case would be closest).

Reading through this might also help you a bit:

Tried it at 256 and I’m still getting strange lighting bleeds, I’ll try looking through the tutorial and see if I can get a better result

edit Just a question but is it a problem that the blade and the handle are technically two separate objects? They don’t have any holes and are closed off.

Those thin edges that are separated should be joined to the larger parts of the mesh, otherwise the pixels aren’t small enough to fit.