Light map seems after baking

Hello, Everyone, I’m new in this forum, my name is Marco.
I have this issue that after light baking I get this weird seems, I also tried to make my own uv for Light map.
Thank you :wink:

It looks like your texture isn’t aligning correctly…

Also, try to make a wall out of one piece, there will be lighting differences between parts which are more obvious when you split up a surface.

there are all snapped on the grid but if I show just lighting only on viewport I still have that problem :frowning:

Yes that’s a good idea but I’m trying to build everything with modular workflow for studying

If you want to keep the modulat pieces: set in lightmass 0.1 -0.15 as static level scale and set smoothness to 0.6 and those problems will disappear!!
BUT you will need to set a higher quality setting (4<) to get a clear result and it will raise calculating time by a lot!!

Thank you so much I’ll try :wink: