Light map possibility question

Is it possible to edit a geometry brush, create a static mesh out of it, use a constant3vector to create the color of the material that will be on it and then apply a custom lightmap map inside the blueprint for the material? I have made it up to the lightmap portion of this question and am a bit stuck. Have tried a few things out in blueprint but have not been able to get this to work. Anybody have any ideas? (Wasn’t sure to put this in blueprint section or this one, kind of deals wilt topics from both topics to be honest)

also is there a way to generate uv’s for that static mesh in the engine

For any static mesh you can open it from the content browser and us the Generate Lightmap UV’s tool

If you have version 4.5, you can also right click on the static mesh and click reimport (have to Generate Lightmap Uv’s ticked under the import settings in the static mesh editor)

I did what you said and for some reason I have the same issue popping up, here’s a picture so you got a better idea. Also the only light it should be receiving from where I have it located is from the sun.

angle trim lightmap.png

keep in mind that this static mesh was created from a bsp brush from with in the engine. Is it possible to export this mesh into, say, Maya and generate light maps that way? Also the color is supposed to be the brighter tanish color.

What resolution is your lightmap? Also make sure that it’s set to use the correct channel for lightmaps, it doesn’t automatically switch the setting when you generate a lightmap UV channel. If you still have a problem then take a screenshot of the resulting UV’s so we can see what’s happening.

Yep had it in the wrong uv channel lmao, I actually learned about this when I first started and completely forgot about it for some reason. Didn’t even think to research it either. Thanks viper.