Light Machine Gun - Issues, Bugs and a lot of Questions

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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Please watch this labor intensive Bug-Report Video I made explaining all the problems in detail:

For those that need text instead of a video read the following although the video demonstates in much more detail:
In the following I will list all Issues, Bugs and Questions I have with the current Light Machine Gun (LMG):

  1. Visual Bug
    The most obvious first, a visual bug where the trail of the first shot bullet always goes somewhere in the map, but to a specific point close to (x: -15, y: -19, z: 1989). Demonstrated in the video.

  2. Strange Bullet Pattern
    The bullet pattern of the LMG is right now a 2 shot burst like a shotgun. Not like a LMG at all. I compared the patterns in the video with a shotgun to show that they are similar right now.

  3. What it should shoot like
    The current version is nothing but broken and does not resemble a LMG at all. Most automatic rifles have more gameplay like an LMG as this one. An LMG should have high capacity and high reload time.

  4. Updates
    ​According to this page Light Machine Gun | Fortnite Wiki | Fandom under the “History” section some reasonable adjustmens were made to the LMG. Some (not all) rarities were added to creative, unfortunate but workable. But the update mentioned in v30.20 marks changes that completely break the LMG.
    Mag size reduced from 60 to 2?!
    Reload time reduced from 4 to 1.9 and 3.8 to 1.8?!
    These changes are in creative as of right now and make the LMG unusable/ non-existent in this form. This is a huge issue for developers designing their maps around the typical LMG weapon.
    Although the source claims it to be since v30.20 (June 22, 2024), I believe these issues to be at least weeks if not months old, since I am experiencing the issue not just since 3 days (Today June 25, 2024). Correct me if I’m wrong.
    ​If some work-in-progress things are the issue here, I ask Epic to take greater care at not influencing weapons and gameplay currently in use for future updates. This is disrupting design workflow for creators immensely. If all this is unintended, PLEASE fix and keep this in mind.
    I know that the LMG was always kind of a rare occurance compared to the other weapon types, but if it is there, developers must be able to rely on it properly.

PS: I appreciate the hard work you guys do! I love the current creative changes with UEFN and all the updates. Such an amazing and fun game-dev-environment.
Best regards,

PPS: I felt like explaining all this in a bug report was too difficult so I took the effort to make this video. Maybe add some features to add some images or videos in the bug reports.

Steps to Reproduce

Go into UEFN, start a play session, take any Light Machine Gun and test the shooting.

Expected Result

Light Machine Guns should have a high capacity and a high reload time. The current LMG resembles nothing like and LMG.

Observed Result

Demonstrated in detailed video (see video link)


Tested only on PC in UEFN Play Session

FORT-762816 incident has been created. Status is ‘Unconfirmed’.

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I can confirm we have the same issue of 2 bullets. Had to change weapon


*I discovered this bug a few days ago and have filled out half a dozen bug reports but so far Epic hasn’t addressed it. *

@AmayaPhoenix since it seems like an Epic Bot accound has already replied to this thread, I hope as well, that is may trigger some changes.

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Can confirm I am also seeing this issue!

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