Light leaking along top of some BSP but not others?

Not sure if it’s just these particular BSP brushes i’ve set or not, but for some reason, on one side of a room, there is a light leak along the entire top of the wall. Also, it moves. If I am at a distance, you see the leak. When I get close, however, it is actually dark. Not every BSP brush I have used does this, so I’m not sure if it’s something I have done wrong on my end or if I have forgotten to set something else. Just a bit brainfried at the moment and curious if anyone has any ideas. Image to show what it looks like is attached. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Looks like Cascaded Shadow Map leaking. That’s the dynamic shadowing method used on directional lights. You can make your ceiling thicker to combat it. You can also pull in the DynamicShadowDistance to get more shadowmap resolution close to the viewer.

Thanks, Daniel. I’ve gone ahead and increased the thickness of the ceiling to 200 units rather than 50, and that is having an impact. I also went ahead and changed the DynamicShadowDistance as well, just for good measure. Doing a lighting build and will take another look around.

Edit: Yep, looks like that took care of it. Thanks again!