Light intensity shifting - How does it work? Can I disable?

Hello, I have a Questions. Can anyone explain or name whats happening in my Unreal 4 scene as the brighness in the room adjusts as I move the camera? When I look away from the light source, the room slowly gets brighter. When I move the camera toward the light source, the shadows strengthen and the dark areas become less visible. Is there a link to documentation you can send me? Is there a way to turn this off for better control? thanks

The light intensity shifting you are describing here is called eye adaption or, in ue4, “auto exposure”

To turn this off just go to the details panel of your global post process volume.
There should be a section called “Auto Exposure”, set the min and max brightness to the same level.

Thanks alot, I appreciate the time to help me out.

you can add post process volume to tweak or lock camera exposure also it is good idea to get general feel what values to use as light brightness for example 1700 brightness on point light is equal to old fashioned 100w light bulb if i remember correctly