Light Importance Volume turns OFF the lights

Seriously, this is weird.

Okay, to begin with, single light source, a star in the middle of a system with planets orbiting.

The sun is using emissive material (which works really well close up.) I turned on the LPV, put on a LIV over one of the orbiting bodies and it went from barely visible to solid black.


Hi ,

Lightmass Importance Volumes only work with Static baked lighting. They will have no effect on dynamic lighting or LPV.

With LPV there is a max distance that this can be used. You can set this in the Post Process Volume for the “Size” of your LPV.

In my test scene I setup I made sphere that is emissive with the flag to use with Emissive Dynamic indirect lighting (LPV) was enabled. The max distance you can have is 20000 which is about 200 meters.

You can visualize the LPV cells by going to the viewport > Show > Visualize > Light Propagation Volume. You will see a representation of the GI that is being used by the volume . When you move too far from where the emissive color injection can be handled it will fade out leaving only the color of the directional light.

I hope this helps.


Okay, I’ll give this a test run. I think I found a way to do what I want, by having each object have it’s own directional light via a blueprint. Basically, the blueprint has all the objects in it and from what I understand, those objects will only associate and interact with each other. So Object A is an instance, and Object B is another instance of the blueprint. They are on opposite sides of the perceived lightsource. Because the objects are built by blueprint, the directional light in the instance of Object A (directional light A) will only affect Object A…

If I’m understanding how all this works.

The idea was a nearly accurate scale model of a solar system, and the planets would revolve and rotate. Thus, lighting is a bit of an issue.

Okay, I figured it out on my own after several months. I did use [][1]. It was incredibly helpful. However, I realized that it would require multiple lights, and with the deferred lighting, every light is visible. However, I decided to do this by supplying the light on each player blueprint instead. Then, attach to the player, an invisible object (invisible to owner and visible to owner). Then attach the directional light to it:

Just remember to turn off collisions for the sphere.