Light Function Material not working?

Hello Community!

I’m not sure, but for some reason, Light Function Material seem to not work. Even in the Content Example sample of it, it’s not even working there either. Just shows a spotlight. I checked the light as well. It does have the Light Function Material, but it doesn’t show at all.

Is this some sort of bug or am I missing something?

Works here. Do you have your scalabiliy settings at Epic? maybe they are disabled by some setting? Shadow Scalability must at least be medium.

Hmm… I tried it on the content demo and now it works. Tried it on my current project no such luck yet.

Project settings “Support PointLight WholeSceneShadows” turns off light functions, shadow needs to be turned on for some reason. I can’t find it mentioned anywhere, had to find it the hard way. :frowning: