Light Function Clamp


Is there a way to clamp the light function texture on the directional light so it doesn’t tile through the entire map ? Changing the texture from wrap to clamp didn’t do it.


I am curious about this too. Just ran into this issue. Would love to hear an answer about this.

Actually just found this:

Look for the “non-tiling” entry. It’s for UE3, but it works in UE4. You basically need to clamp the texture, then set up a panner and a constant as shown in the image.

I think OP is talking about masking off sections of the map correct? I’ve not tried this so I don’t know if it will work, but you could create a mask in photoshop that roughly isolates the areas you want, map that to world-space X and Y in the Material Editor (World Position Node, mask by R and G and plug that into the UV’s) - then make sure it’s scaled up to the right size (divide those UV’s by some large value). Should just be able to mask the light function in the material using a lerp node to go between that and 1.

In theory that should work, but like I say, never tried it!