Light coming in a closed box

Hello, I am really new to unreal engine. As the only person in my Game development class attempting to make something in unreal, I need to use resources other than my classmates to figure stuff out. So I am going to start off pretty basic and cross every other bridge when i come to it. Right now I need to figure out whats up with this lighting. i want the player to spawn in a big hollow pillar, but i also only want it to be lit by point lights. but it seems no matter what I do, these inner walls reflect a ton of light. Other buildings i have built seem to just darken naturally, so whats the issue here?

Are those walls BSPs or static meshes ?. looks like directional light is lighting interior of your pillar so try bake your lighting and/or check shadow casting settings for both light and objects, if the walls are one sided static mesh geometry select them and check cast as two sided in details panel. Its hard to determine issue looking at single image, switch to wire and take screenshot of entire scene

changing the shadows to two sided worked. thank you very much. :slight_smile: