Light coming behind a door

Hey guys,

I’m new to UE4 and I’m having big problems lightning this scene. I need to make a light shine through the door down the corridor so to make the blood stand out. Also I need the ceiling lights cast light and that doesn’t seem to be possible with emissive maps. I used a skylight and some sphere reflection capture to even out the light. But nothing still looks convincing

On any other 3D application I would use an area light for this effect. Instead I had to use a spot light with an almost 90º angle, cause I really have no idea how to do this.

Any help and criticism would be welcome

You don’t have to shine a light out the door, you can illuminate the room and when you build the light the global illumination will bounce the light through the door into the hallway.

Also, you can use emissive textures as lights for static lighting now, you have to enable it on the object that has the emissive material.

Yeah, but there is no actual room after the door. I placed that box with a bright emissive light behind the door so to fake a brighter room after the door.

I’ll check that thing about emissive textures. Thanks!

Yeah, if there’s no room you’ll have to do something like you’re already doing.