Light color problems

I’m having a problem with a scene I’m making atm. See the picture below. The left one is incorrect and the right one is correct. The difference between these two is that the left one has color grading applied. Not very intense adjustmenst (see the right picture to see the values greyed out). Does anyone know how to fix this? I need to adjust some of these settings to get the look I want, and everything looks great except for these taillights.


Negative values never work well there. You should try to use some of the more contrast enhancing operations instead.

I’ve tried disabling the negative value, and it makes no difference. It’s the Contrast and Gamma that messes it up. But yeah, I’ve seen in other cases that negative values are often tricky and unpredictable.
What specific operations are you talking about when you write “contrast enhancing operations”?

Oh sorry, I was talking about the ones like contast and gamma since it appeared they were unchecked and un used in your image. But there are also some settings for the film tone mapper like toe and shoudler you can mess with. What version are you in, is it using r.tonemapperfilm 1 (ok my memory of when that was released is fuzzy but I am pretty sure its been out a while)? try typing that in the console. sometimes people try go do lots of tweaking then realize they are not using the filmic tone mapper which does mostly what they want already.

Funny story, on paragon we turned on the film tone mapper a few months ago and it looked great. Then a few weeks/months go by and people are commenting how the level isn’t looking as good and the lighting is muddy. Performance optmizations are blamed (had just gone through a big ps4 60 push) and heads are hanging low. Then BrianK comes by Jordan’s desk and turns back on the film tone mapper and everyone breathes a sigh of relief as the level looks OK again :slight_smile: So it is easy for even a room full of people to miss these things and start grasping at straws.

I know the feeling, and you usually feel pretty silly when you discover how simple the solution is :wink:

Thx for the tip, I’ll try that =)