Light building stuck at 0%

Every time i want to build lighting it won’t get passed 0%. I don’t know what happened. This morning worked until it stopped to work. I deleted all lights and replaced with just one static directional light. Not working. I opened a 3rd person template project and light building works fine.

I have to finish this project in a month and this problem is just making me crazy. Please help!!!

Now it goes passed 0% but it takes the engine a ridiculous amount of time. Just made a 20% in 10 minutes

Check if you set the mobility of all static structures and not movinglight sources to “static”.

Yes, they’re set to static! I think the problem is the lightmap resolution and that i don’t have streamed the level in different part. I’ll post the results on monday

Have the same Problem under LinuxMint 18.1 with Version 1.14

Please Help!

I have the same problem on windows 10. I have already check the mobility, the lightmap and delete the foliage but nothing plz help