Light Building Issue in some geometries

hi guys, i’m learning a little bit to play with Unreal Engine, i’m a total newbie so sorry if i ask maybe too stupid questions, but i need your help…

as you see on the image, when i build the lighting, some geometries, like the kitchen furniture, renders really bad. I don’t know why it behaves like that, i’ve solved all the UV overlapping + Wrapping problems, the light calculate perfectly without any errors. Many forum discussions helped me, but for that issue, i don’t find the solution…

I tell you what i did :

  1. the model is from 3ds max. I made a UVW Map, collapsed it in a editable poly, exported in FBX.
  2. imported in UE, double clicked on it, generate unique UV, changed the lighting index channel to 1.
  3. increased both light resolution of the mesh (512) and the indirect light. This solved me a lot of lighting problems on the wall, but for the kitchen it seems to be only fresh water.

I guess i ve some problem with the ambient occlusion, but i don’t know. I ve the same problem on the thickness of the wall near the windows…

thank you in advance!

ok i found my main problem (results are still not perfect though, but maybe i’ll ask when i will clean up the scene).

i decided to use the unwrap UVW instead of UVW Map (i thought it was sufficient because i had no strange geometries, just boxes). It’s VITAL to make a second channel for the Unwrap modifier, then open the editor, select all the polygons, flatten, repack, and after all that collapse into a editable poly/mesh. After that you don’t need to generate UV with UE, just only change the light index to 1. Tweak the resolution and you’ll be happier than before! :wink: