Light build using level streaming

By using another streamed environment or by using fully dynamic lightning/shadows

Hi, i am using level streaming to toggle between a furnished environment and an unfurnished environment. How should i approach the light calculation in order to avoid having the wrong light map produced by the furniture on the empty environment?


Hi, thanks for the reply. So currently, I have the persistent level with no furniture and the sub level with furniture. Should I add a third one? That kind of raises more questions about the light calculation for me…Is the light built individually? is one general light build that takes into account all levels? I just started using unreal so everything is new. Thanks

I think you should have empty persistent level, 1 streaming level with this interior but without furniture, and 2nd streaming level with interior and furniture.

To build it properly you should build 1st and 2nd levels separately.

In case you have directional light that affects whole scene, you must to move it to persistent level and build 1st level when 2nd is hidden and vise versa.

Thanks for this, will try it out!

Sorry for another question, I have some spotlights in the space as well. Should I keep them in the persistent level only?

As you wish. You can move them to persistent or duplicate for both levels