Light build ugly shadows

I’m making this procedural building and when I don’t build lighting, it looks brilliant.

But when I do, these shadows appear

How can I get rid of them? btw I am not using dynamic lighting

The jagged, hard appearance of the shadows is caused by insufficient lightmap resolution. Increase the lightmap resolution in the settings for your static meshes.

The dark patches near corners are caused by a combination of the previous problem and poor lightmap UVs. Making lightmap UVs is difficult and requires practice and experience. You can take a look at some documentation on how to do it better here: Understanding Lightmapping in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Good luck!

Ok, thanks! One problem with this is that light bake gives me text that tells me to decrease lightmap resolution caused by that large building. So somehow I need to optimize it even more.

I think I got it working. I made uv maps better, more square and decreased lightmap quality to 16, it looks suprisingly good even with that low resolution.