Light Build Time Jump and Stall

Hello, I have been working on this scene that you can see in my other post here

Things were going well with some help from people in that post but then we purchased and downloaded two tree sets to introduce a few trees in the background. Our light build time skyrocketed to the point that on a I7 overclocked desktop machine with 16 gigs of 1800 speed ram, M1 SSD and a new 2080 rtx card, the lightbuild is still going this morning from last night and seems stuck at 8%. I am still coming to terms with working in Unreal but one of the concerns I had when building this scene was the number of lights. If you look at the scene, there are alot of little emissive lights with each being set to use mesh as emissive light.

Then because the effect of the emissive does not seem to be ideal, I had to use point lights with each object to create the sense of the emissive glow that is lacking by using emissive alone. All lighting was set as static but still, more lights equal more light calculations if I understand things correctly.

On top of this, because the landscape did not seem to be taking the emissive lighting well, I increased the lightmap resolution on that mesh to 1024. All of this in itself di not really seem to effect the light build times which leads me to the trees being added.

My question is how to others pull off these larger environment scenes using these same trees? I know when using a traditional renderer like vray in 3ds max, I can proxy my higher poly count mesh objects like trees, vegetation and cars. The two tree packs I used were “Seasons Trees Vol. 1” and “Spruce Forest Standard”. I used 4 of the winter scene trees in the first one and maybe 16 of the Spruce trees.

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

I am thinking thispost does a pretty good job of getting into larger environment builds. I just do not think the scene I created is really that large at this time.