Light build stuck at 99.90% [RESOLVED]

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some troubleshooting ideas. I have a level with two sublevels set as lighting scenarios.

I can bake at lowest build setting no problem, but when I bump up to medium it hangs at 99.90% (truly stuck; I left it 8+ hours for a build that normally completes in less than an hour).

I’ve baked the scene many times before at higher settings, so it is something I’ve done recently that is causing the problem. Any ideas of where I can start checking for errors?

1 huge plane, 100+ light sources affecting it?
have similar issue with one project. light don`t finalize it build even on 48 core cpu :frowning:
i chop ceiling in pieces and reduce lights radius.

Each object can only have one thread rendering it, so if you have an object that’s complex and has a high lightmap resolution then it will take longer than the other stuff and even when your other threads are finished they can’t contribute to render the final object.

Thanks guys.

Indeed, it was my lightmap resolutions. I’m doing arch viz and went a little crazy bumping up my asset resolutions. Over time, those 512 props add up!