Light Build Fails at Random Percentage

I’m having some issues at the moment with Swarm, deployment of swarm to our other PCs and generally the level just picking a random number to terminate the compiling process at.

I went through the level the other day and optimized our lightmaps, changing all the random assets that had 64px textures on tiny props like cans and so forth (thanks marketplace) as well as bringing some of our larger level pieces up to a higher quality.

We had some issues before this happened where Swarm would terminate at a seemingly random number. It started around 90%, then dropped to 50%, 20, 10, 5 until now the majority of the levels are just stopping their build process at anywhere between 0.5% and 4.5%.

Sometimes I leave, come back the next day and it does everything completely fine. Other times it just decides to not work. It’s getting increasingly annoying now. I had a level send to with a static lighting level of 64 to see what was causing bottlenecks and even then it still failed. Originally we thought huge assets were choking up the swarm agent but like - there’s nothing indicating what could be causing this issue at all. I’ve tried baking on my PC alone, as well as using multiple ones across the office and still run into the same issue. We have over 100 cores in some instances and it also still fails.

Alongside this swarm is just sometimes doesn’t deploy anything and only renders on one PC despite being assigned as available.

If anyone can shed some light on this that would be great as this is a massively painful issue.

I’ve added the log output from the recent build that failed at .5% to hopefully assist.