Light brighten everytime I build ? (without changing anything)

hey guys. I need help. I had work in this scene for 2 weeks. decorate, build, test for 2 weeks but yesterday I build and i got a problem I thought I change something then I revert and build again without changing and build again without changing for 4 times. can you guys please tell me why the ligting brighten overtime I build (I didnt change anything just keep press BUILD)

and sorry for my poor english…please help


Are you sure it’s not just (auto) exposure?

it’s not auto exposure becuase i already unchecked it and i had solve this problem it’s becuase I use “ExponentialHeightFog” in the scene and build again and it worked no more light brightening

so I have a next question

Do I have to turn off (closed eye) “ExponentialHeightFog” everytime I build ? thought it will not calculate when it built because there is no Mobility Option to select