Light bleeding problems with desctructible meshes


Having lot’s of problems with lighting as a new guy to Unreal. One of them is light bleeding. The outside is bright with a skylight and a couple of spotlights going on. How do you solve light bleeding problems in general and for destructible meshes like here?

Thank you,

Hi Domas,

Destructibles and other movable meshes will not block static light during a lighting build. You can get around this by using a simple static mesh to block the light in your level when you build lighting. You can set it to be “Actor Hidden In Game” and uncheck “Visible” when you don’t need it in the editor. This way when you build lighting lightmass can block the light by using that as a reference.

I hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply! But I thought that hidden in game means it’s not gonna interfere with lighting.

Destructibles (being an extension of Skeletal Meshes with their own roots and bones for the chunks) do not affect how static lighting works. It is purely a dynamic object, so it can never have any influence.

If you’re using a static object that is hidden in game, it will still affect static lighting because it’s visible in the editor when you build lighting.