Light bleeding effect - follow-up problem

Hi there,

the problem with light bleeding through walls has been thoroughly discussed, so fear not - I won’t bring this up once more. But I am experiencing a follow-up problem after resolving the bleeding problem:

As is generally known, you can prevent bleeding by using static lights and two-sided meshes, or set them as two-sided. This works fine, but what I experience is that static lights do not reflect metalic surfaces in my levels. I tried this out with the chair from Starter Content, which is showing a black frame instead of a metalic one under static lights. I am using UE 4.10.

Is there a way to force metalic reflection with static lights?

Static lights are only stored within lightmaps, so whatever will be reflected will be in the lightmaps.

This does not explain why metallic surfaces do not reflect with static lights. Isn’t there a way to fix this?

If there’s nothing that the static light is emmitting light onto, then there’s nothing for the metallic to reflect, you would need either a surface the light is shining on, or an object like a lightbulb with an emissive material. Otherwise you need to use a stationary light.