Light Beam / God Ray from Content Examples not workin

Hi, I have migrated the GodRayBP from the content example project to my own project. After I hook it up to a directional light, I am assuming it should work. It also doesn’t have any geometry attached to it, rotating towards the camera. I am guessing that is the geometry I need for the beam to render.

Can anyone help me figure what I am missing in my setup?

Thanks in advance,

Feels like this should belong to Using UE4 category, sorry.

Hi Serulas,

When you migrated it from the Content Examples project, did you make sure that it brought all the assets needed and that you did not change the folder structure after the migration? If did change the folder structure the references to where the assigned static mesh or even material will be lost which could be what you’re seeing here if it doesn’t have a static mesh assigned.

You can reassign the materials and mesh by opening the BP_Godray. Assign SM_GodRay to the Static Mesh slot. Assign the material M_Godray to the Material slot.


Thank you Tim,

Indeed the assets were not assigned during migration and the mesh did show up when I assigned it to the slot along with its materials. However, it is not scaling nor rotating to the camera. Am I missing more?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You should be able to manually select and scale the BP_Godray, but it won’t automatically scale. Also, the mesh does not automatically rotate with the directional light source though. It does use it’s rotation to help determine how bright the Godray should be though, If you need it to rotate with the directional light you’ll need to set that up yourself in Blueprint with some logic.