Light baking in UE 4.23 and next

Does anyone know if the Epic is working on some new solution for the light baking ? or planning to update the current one ?
I’m a little disappointed with what we have now, in the latest version.
If not the awesome Luoshuang’s GPULightmass, baking the light would be a torment.
Luoshuang was employed by Epic some time ago, and he’s not updating the plugin anymore.
I was hoping that Epic, after the undoubted success of Luoshuang’s plugin, hired its creator to incorporate that solution to the engine.
I’m still hoping, but there is no news about it.
I recently tried to calculate lighting for a medium size interior and the UE 4.23 original lightmapper was baking it for 5 hours and the end result was still far from ok.
Using the GPULightmass I was able to bake the same scene in 25 minutes and the quality was way better.
I know that Epic is now focused on Raytracking (I’m using it also, it’s really great, the reflections etc…) but the fast and high quality GPU/CPU baking solution is still very much needed.


If I remember correctly they hired Luoshuang to do exactly that, to implement a official gpu lightbaker. But when this will happen only @Luoshuang can tell us (pls).

Tbh I wouldnt hope for that to happen probably for the next 1-2 versions of the engine (if they do this earlier I will be very happy too). The problem is that, the prioritization of the features they implement depends on what they need to do for their games and not that much for the developers. Which means that if you want something its possible that your feature request and such will go very low on priority for them to implement or basically never hear you.

They’re probably always working on it to some degree, and I would think that things will change once the new consoles are out and it allows for more advanced lighting.