Light Bake Issue

I’m having an issue with a few of my objects in my scene when it comes to light baking. The light UV’s aren’t overlapping, and the object’s lightmap density and min lightmap density are both at 512. This is happening to a few other objects in my scene. Does anyone know what’s causing this?


Maybe your normals are flipped?

Are you setting this mesh to automatically generate lightmap UV’s? Also double check your world settings if it is set to ‘compress lightmaps’, it should be unchecked.

Also worth checking to see if your Lightmap Coordinate Index (model editor window in Unreal) aligns with whatever UV Channel is for your lightmap. (NOTE: Unreal starts with 0, so UV Channel 1 in 3ds Max is 0 in Unreal - when importing an FBX, depending on if you generate lightmap coordinates or not, it will typically set the Lightmap coordinate index to the highest number with UV information).

Turns out there was a duplicate of the object overlapping which was causing the error, but thanks for all of your input! Gotta love working with third part models :confused: