Light at the end of the tunnel

I have a scene, which is fully enclosed, but for some reason, I am still getting light gathering where there are no lights. See attached. What could cause this?



It might be a light leak. Is there light outside the enclosed space?

There are no other lights on. Here is a close up of the area:



Try re-building your lighting. If you copy-paste this mesh to somewhere else in your map, does this issue still occur? Does it occur based on your position relative to the mesh?

What about environment intensity under world properties->lightmass? It looks like ambient light from environment intensity or a skylight. if so, you’d need to either remove that lighting or box in the areas that need to be shielded from ambient light.

So… I copied my actors into a new level (BLANK), and the problem went away. As I said, I’m new to this, so another problem came up, which was that I had to copy the original level BP into the new one, and then I had a bunch of broken references to actors, variables (that don’t copy) and other BP classes. Since my level is small, I could easily fix this, but there must have been a better way! Any ideas?

I will also go back into 'the original and try to find out what settings were actually ******** me up.


Ryan, you hit on the culprit. The original had number of indirect lights set to 6, it also had 6 Lightmaps.

I lowered the number of indirect lights to 3, and I attempted to delete the lightmaps, and now they show 4 black icons with a red bar under them, and 2 maps still have their images in the icon, but have red bars, and everything seem to render properly. I’m not sure when I delete the lightmap that the icon just doesn’t disappear from the UI.