Light as if static not saving

This is really annoying, every time i want to rebuild the lighting after re-opening a map i have to go through every objects in my scene and tick “Light as if static”

Hey KhenaB,

It sounds as if your settings are not persisting through saves.

Make a copy of your project before trying this troubleshoot.

What you can try is deleting your Intermediate, Saved, and Derived Cache Directories and force the engine to rebuild all of it’s defaults. I am hoping this will solve the issue.

Thanks for replying, unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue, after ticking the option, saving all and re-opening the project, most of the checkboxes are unchecked

So i made a duplicate of the blueprint containing the meshes i’m trying to edit, the original blueprint still has the issue while the duplicate has it’s options saving properly, then deleted the original and rearranged my scene with the new functional duplicated one, saved and closed project

Problem is now happening with new blueprint, nothing will save

By the way, if viewing the components from the World Outliner pane instead of going in the blueprint, the settings are checked properly there

Another odd observation, in the blueprint, i select all the components and check “light as if static” then save, upon re-openning the project, some random components will still be checked, if i re-do the same process, it randomly changes which components will be checked, it’s real buggy

Actually the problem is 100% replicable

Make a new empty project with starter content, make a new actor type blueprint, open it, take all the meshes in “shapes” folder and drag them in the blueprint’s component tab, highlight them all and check “light as if static”, drag the blueprint into the world, compile, save all and close, reopen project and see if it saved

I do have bad news on this.

I followed your steps.

I clicked all of the individual actors in the blueprint and this is the result.

I tried it again and after re-opening the project most of the files were checked, but some were not, as expected, are you sure that you checked all of them? You will know by selecting them all at once, the checkbox will have lines in it

Anyways, what am i supposed to do?

I recorded a video of the issue

I made sure that I had them all selected when i checked Light as if Static. I also went through all of the objects just to make sure.

There is also a light as if static checkbox when you go to your details panel in your viewport. Maybe one is overriding the other? Not too sure at this point.

I should mention that the issue was noticed when trying to change “light as if static” but no changes from the detail panel saves including changing a material, it is really annoying and is slowing the progress on my upcoming game, it happens on all of the assets in my level

I’m open to any suggestions at this point, as shown in the video i’m not doing anything “wrong”, i could try a full engine re-install i guess.

I just did a full uninstall and cleaning of the unreal engine and files from my system, then proceeded to re-download and install 4.9.2

The problem is persisting

I have been actively searching for a way to reproduce this issue on my end. I can see the bug in your video but I am unable to reproduce this using the exact same steps. As I cannot reproduce this issue I cannot report this as a bug. I realize this is slowing your progress, and that is frustrating, however I do not have a work around or fix at this time.

If you have another version of the project, say in 4.8.3, does it happen there? If not you may consider using that version of the engine for your project.

I am having the same issue, hope I’ll sove it soon.