"Light as if static" doesn't work

I made a room that I need to rotate.
Everything in the room is attached to parent element “ancor” and set to “Movable” and “Light as if static” is turned on.
But after rotation the ancor, lightmap and indirect lighting break.
Shouldn’t the built lightmap always stay on object?
The lights are set to “Stationary”.


The lighting after it was built

The lighting after the ancor was rotated

Have you had any luck solving this issue? I too need to rotate a room but mine is scaled down 1/10th

Unfortunately not, I didn’t have much time, but I might return to it later.
So if you manage to make it work somehow, let me know.

This may or may not work for you, but what I did to solve my issue was to rotate not the actors but the camera itself using the RotateVectorAroundAxis node. The maths are pretty simple although it took me a while to get straight. It seems that “Light as if Static” is meant only for the slightest of movements and won’t ever work correctly if the meshes move or rotate too much!

Are there any news on this topic? I’m creating a VR scene in which i have to exhibit some objects that can be moved and rotated by the visitor. I’d like the light to be baked (to achieve a better quality) since I don’t need it to be in real time (I am not creating a photorealistic scene). I’m afraid I will have to bake the lightmaps in 3ds max and then create an unlit material with them. Am I correct? here is the link to a video that shows the problem I’m facing (movable object lit as if static): - YouTube