Light as if static breaks light build

Hey all,

I am working on a mobile game right now that has a part with a movable wall mesh. Because I cannot use dynamic lighting for mobile, that wall piece is overly bright and does not respect the lighting in the room. I found an attribute on the mesh that allows it to be “lit as if static”. That appeared to do the trick, however when the wall piece moves now, I get a warning stating that one object needs to have it’s lighting rebuilt (I assume of course it is the object that is moving). The light bake does not appear to break, which is good, but is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a way to prevent that warning and still keep the baked lighting on the movable mesh? Thanks for the help!

  • Michael

I’ve noticed this as well. In my case it happened only when the object is built outside of the radius of a stationary light and then moves inside during gameplay. So you might want to start by checking if that’s also the case for you.

You remind me that I forgot to report the issue as I was able to easily work around it. If you have a clearly reproducible case you might want to put a bug report on the answershub to get this solved properly.