light and material setup for handpainted project with only diffuse texture?

I am making a handpainted environment, and I am having a hard time getting the textures look right. The standard setup look’s very bad. I can’t find much help for this. I need the material to be diffuse only but still lit. Not completely shadeless. What do I need to do to the material to get this result?

I saw sameone write that I need to add a roughness constant and set the value to 1. however, it does not seem to do much, if anything.


I know it’s probably not exactly what you are looking for but have you seen this?

It might give you some ideas, using the Post Process Volume will definitely help you to get some better results. Setting the Roughness value to a constant 1 will only make the material completely non-reflective (well, rough), while doing the opposite (0) will make it completely reflective, so it is a setting that you probably want to set individually for each material depending on the desired result.

Like Kontur said, going crazy on the roughness won’t do much if you still want a bit of shading. Around 0.3 to 0.4 is where you get pretty intensive blurring already so you might want to play around with that.

Same goes with the Specular/Metallic. If you don’t have maps for these slots plug in a constant and play around with the values and see if you can find something that works for you.

If your mesh becomes too dark you might want to adjust the lighting in your scene or you could plug in your diffuse into the Emmisive channel and multiply it with a value <1 so it’s not completely unlit. Problem with that is that your material will be lit even in really dark areas.